Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)
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  • TIME: Every Friday from 11:30AM – 1:00 PM during the summer season
  • LOCATION: Langar Outside Walk-in Cooler


Email¬† by Wednesday prior to your Friday pickup to confirm your order. Please do not “Reply All,” just to Legacy Garden. This will allow us to pick your veggies fresh for you on Friday morning!¬†

NEW: CSA Communicator- Tiaga Priti Kaur

Tiaga Priti Kaur will be your contact for all CSA ordering and questions. Also, if you want to volunteer and help us plant during this busy season, please let her know at 707-472-8212, or you can email her at

Thank you so much for your support and investment in our community LEGACY GARDEN by purchasing a farm share. Eat well and stay healthy. Sat Nam!

When you join the Legacy Gardens CSA you become a member of the Hacienda Guru Ram Das Community Garden and you benefit from the following:

  • Your food is pesticide-free, chemical-free
  • You receive seasonal produce, various herbs, heirlooms and flowers.
  • You save money compared to buying in other stores
  • Earth friendly: no packaging and no long-distance transport
  • Your membership supports the long-term stability of the Legacy Gardens.
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