All Season Greenhouses

Growing high quality organic produce in New Mexico in

Formerly known as Legacy Gardens
Gardening all year round!

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Bringing you organic produce year-round!

The Garden will use the latest technology of organic gardening, and greenhouse vertical growing to produce high density crop yields, utilizing a year round growing cycle, integrated pest management, fast crop rotation, reduced water usage systems.

Winter Crops

Our winter crops are flourishing in the warm greenhouse temps.

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Our Mission

Legacy Gardens is a 501(c)3 non profit organization dedicated to localizing food security. Our mission is to continue research and education in sustainable food & medicine systems. With the bounty of fresh harvests coming out of the greenhouse, we would like to offer shares in our CSA program.

How can you help?

We appreciate your support in any way you can help. Donations help us to expand and continue to grow!

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